What we mean by culture

National cultures are interpretive frameworks that are shared, within one same society, by those who differ in their social positions and values.

Philippe d'Iribarne

The starting point for the research of Gestion et Société consisted in the work of Philippe d’Iribarne.

How we work

Decipher a culture : from traces to an overall picture of a culture.

Culture & Institutions

Cultures are not a landscape before which governance and institutions are implemented, but the material with which the latter organise themselves.

Culture & Management

Management practices must be considered as productions that are rooted in cultural contexts.

National Cultures & Organizations (Gestion et Société)

National Cultures & Organizations (Gestion & Société)’s research interests deal with the different ways people work and live together round the world. So far, 50 countries or territories, located on all continents, have been investigated, endeavoring to bring to light the role played by culture in the creation of institutions or the development of management practices. Concrete situations such as the cross-cultural transfer of management tools or the functioning of multicultural structures or groups constitute our main investigation field. Our research stands at the interface between organizational sociology, cultural anthropology, political philosophy and management. It is of interest to those who wish to understand the diversity of human societies and enlightens the people in charge of managing multinational structures such as global organizations. It also opens new paths for those who are attempting to leverage each culture’s potentiality in order to design institutions and policies that benefit development.

La logique de l’honneur

In La logique de l’honneur, Philippe d’Iribarne makes a comparison of three firms: French, Dutch and American, which carry out the same production with almost...

Managing Corporate Values in Diverse National Cultures

Philippe d’Iribarne, Routledge, 2012. How should a Western company manage cross-culturally corporate values in its foreign subsidiaries? Do these values make sense everywhere or, on...

Theorizing National Cultures (Penser la diversité du monde)

Philippe d’Iribarne, Theorising National Cultures, AFD, 2014. Read it now ! While there has probably never been such great interest in the cultural aspect of social...

Cultures et Mondialisation – Gérer par-delà les frontières

Philippe d’Iribarne, Alain Henry, Jean-Pierre Segal, Sylvie Chevrier, Tatjana Globokar, Seuil, 1st ed. 1998, p. 137-161. Second edition: 2002 (Poche, coll. essais, Seuil). This book...

Gérer des équipes internationales. Tirer parti de la rencontre des cultures

Sylvie Chevrier – Presses de l’université Laval, 2012, 208 pages. This book published in French provides an overview of research on cross-cultural management. The first part...

Successful Companies in the Developing World. Managing in synergy with cultures

Philippe d’Iribarne, AFD, 2007. (Read it now) In the developing countries, one can find extremely high-performing companies. What is their secret? Do they faithfully replicate best...