La relation client à la lueur d’une analyse de discours comparative

Tréguer-Felten, Geneviève – Management et Avenir, 55, Juillet-Août 2012. Cahier special : la question du langage et de la communication dans le management international : un défi pour les homes et les organizations, p. 105-126.

This article reports on an interdisciplinary research linking cross-cultural discourse analysis and a culture interpretative approach. It was performed on several corpora of French, Chinese and United-States organizations’ corporate communication documents, either produced in the speakers’ mother-tongues or in English as a lingua franca. The results indicate that customer relations do not follow a unique standard but vary with people’s national culture. The different representations of the “proper” way to handle one’s customer entail intercultural communication difficulties, as confirmed by the annoyance underpinning interpersonal e-mail messages collected in multinationals. These findings induce to conclude that cross-cultural discourse analysis could help any staff who needs to convince people belonging to another culture.

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