Cultures et Mondialisation – Gérer par-delà les frontières

Philippe d’Iribarne, Alain Henry, Jean-Pierre Segal, Sylvie Chevrier, Tatjana Globokar, Seuil, 1st ed. 1998, p. 137-161. Second edition: 2002 (Poche, coll. essais, Seuil).

This book is constructed around 9 case studies analysing significant episodes of organisational life. For each case, the authors show that traditional sociological analysis in terms of power or diverging interests of actors do not give enough clues to exhaust the rationale of the case. To go further, they unveil the cultural frameworks that the protagonists use to give meaning to the situation and bring new insights to understand the organizational dynamics. Three kinds of situations are presented. In the first three chapters, the authors explore the cultural interpretation of individuals faced with new management practices in Québec, Belgium and France. The three following chapters deal with cross-cultural encounters between French employees learning to cooperate with respectively Slovenian, Swedish and Swiss counterparts. The three final cases illustrate how modern management practices can succeed in supposedly traditional societies like Mauritania, Cameroon and Morocco. The last section draws upon the cases to enrich the conceptual and methodological approaches to culture.

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