L’envers du moderne

Philippe d’Iribarne, CNRS Editions, 2012.

To what extent does the grand project of creating a new society, which is carried out by modernity, inspire our existence today? How far does it remain a light for humanity rather than a manifestation of hubris which, according to the Greek’s belief, attracts punishment from the gods? From the United States to China, from the Scandinavian countries to the African world, Philippe d’Iribarne has traveled the world – including France, his own country, considered in its strangeness – in search of answers to these questions. In the areas of social life where the modern project took shape, he has analyzed the way its implementation was influenced by so-called « traditional » ways of giving meaning. His approach has required the development of a new concept of culture, in connection with a singular way of facing the vertigo of the human condition.

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