Un même code éthique : deux univers de travail différents

Tréguer-Felten, G. (2010). « Un même code éthique : deux univers de travail différents », Journal of French language Studies, p. 61-74

This article reports on a cross-cultural discourse analysis performed on two linguistically different versions of a French multinational company’s code of conduct (Anglo-American and French), enjoying an identical status among the Group. In spite of a complex writing procedure meant to produce parallel texts – initial production in English as a lingua franca (ELF), Anglo-American edition, and, finally, translation into French – these two codes display a certain number of dissimilarities. Searching the consistency behind the various differences through a mix of enunciative, semantic and syntactic analyses, the research shows that different work environments are represented, particularly concerning the way authority is exerted, and in particular depending on the subject concerned. Finally, the question as to the possible links between the different work environments and the societies’ cultures is raised.

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