Managing Corporate Values in Diverse National Cultures

Philippe d’Iribarne, Routledge, 2012.

How should a Western company manage cross-culturally corporate values in its foreign subsidiaries? Do these values make sense everywhere or, on the contrary, are they culturally Western specific?
This book provides answers to these questions, based on research carried out in the subsidiaries of a leading global company, Lafarge, in the contrasting cultural environments of China, the United States, France and Jordan. It appears that, in a large part of the world, people’s expectation are similar; they expect clear and decisive leadership, and fair treatment, helping them to live a good life. But treating these expectations as the “same” could be misleading. Western companies are well positioned to fulfill them, provided they are willing, in each and every geography, to take into account the local vision of the right way to achieve a good life.

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