Rédiger les procédures de l’entreprise

Henry, Alain, Monkam-Daverat, Ignace, Editions d’Organisation, 3ème éd., 2001.

This book received the special award of the “Grand Prix du Livre Quality Perfomance” (Paris, La poste – Arcelor 2002).

Whether to meet quality standards (ISO), safety requirements, or legal obligations, modern companies have to formalize their procedures.

Writing up procedures improves the dissemination of knowledge inside the organization. It has structuring and dynamic effects on work effectiveness, provided they have been set up through a participative approach. If management books often mention the need to write down procedure manuals, they do not describe how to do it and how to implement them. This book fills this gap. It is a practical guide on the formatting and use of procedures. It deals with the issues of wording, disseminating and  updating of procedures. It may concern everyone, managers or consultants, who need to write procedures or to have them implemented. Introducing a methodical approach, it is illustrated by numerous practical examples from business life. This handbook includes a case study.

This new edition includes additional guidance, sheets framework, and digital tools that leverage the access to information. It also provides opportunities for automation of procedures in networked systems. Procedure manuals now tend to be generalized in globalized companies.

This handbook explains: a) how to make manuals not only formal but helpful for users; b) how to write easy to use manuals ; c) how to ensure their update; d) how to organize and carry out such a project.

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