Chemins d’internationalisation des multinationales émergentes : vers une extension des modèles théoriques d’internationalisation

Morgan Marchand, M. Vieu (2018), Finance Contrôle Stratégie [En ligne], NS-2 | 2018, juillet 2018

Emerging multinationals (EMNEs) are often regarded as firms with an accelerated internationalization, « in reverse » compared to conventional models. Based on the conceptual framework of the Internationalization Process Model, this article analyzes the internationalization paths of 110 EMNEs. It offers a new and complete typology of internationalization paths – prudent, methodical, exploratory, intrepid – which goes beyond the binary distinction between classical and modern approaches. Results make it possible to account for the diversity of the EMNE’s internationalization trajectories. By combining these results with characteristics of the firms, this article identifies specific features linked to the EMNE’s domestic countries and to the effect of the 2000’s context.

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