Cultural Dimension of Post-Acquisition Integration : The Case of a Middle Eastern Multinational

SALEH Y., MOALLA E., Revue en Sciences de Gestion, 2019, no. 130, pp. 35-58

This research focuses on interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships during post-acquisition international integration phase. Its aim it to better understand the integration phase for a foreign company by a French multinational. Therefore, we analyze the case of integration of a cement group in the Middle East. Four years after the acquisition, the subsidiary is facing an unprecedented crisis: production stoppages and change in the executive committee. Through discourses analysis of the two companies’ actors, the research first highlights interpersonal relationships characterized by specific principles linked to the local culture prior to acquisition. Then, it shows a shift of this relationship from an individual level to an organizational level, expression divergent expectations with the multinational’s representations of the way its relationship with subsidiaries should be.


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