Les multinationales émergentes : une catégorie homogène ?

Morgan Marchand, in Meschi, P.X. & Prévot, F., Economies émergentes : enjeux pour le management international, Vuibert.

The concept of emerging multinational companies (EMNE) is widely used in international management literature, although the content and consistency of this category are rarely discussed and explained. Among their theoretically common characteristics, EMNE would adopt a partnering approach when integrating their up-market acquisitions. Our article confronts this hypothesis, often generalized from a limited number of empirical data, with 25 cases of integration of French entities by EMNE from 13 countries. Based on these broad empirical data, it refutes the idea of ​​EMNE homogeneity, and suggest a new definition of “emerging” multinationals. It also introduces an improved model of post-acquisition integration types.

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