About us

 For over 30 years, G&S has been bringing together researchers who focus on studying and comparing the diverse ways people round the world envision a way of “living-together” that favors cooperation. Special interest is given to work environment as well as to the implementation of public policies. These very concrete contexts are examined and particular emphasis is laid upon understanding the underpinning combination of change and cultural continuity.

Feeling in tune with Philippe d’Iribarne’s theoretical and methodological approach, these researchers who come from a variety of institutional, geographical and disciplinary backgrounds have adopted it. Cross-fertilization naturally sets in as they collaborate, adding up their various disciplinary angles to assess their on-going work or develop common teaching, research or publication programs that all benefit from the geographical diversity of their research fields.

Through training sessions, conferences, publications or PhD student seminars, the group actively shares its scientific production with a diversified audience.


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