Our history

Gestion et Société came about as a result of research that dates back to the early 1980s. This research focuses on an analysis of the diversity of ways in which organisations function within different cultural contexts. The interest aroused by initial research within multinational corporations led to the development of an analysis of the relationships between culture and management, based on an examination of management situations involving relationships between different cultures: transfer of management tools outside the cultural sphere within which they were devised, and the functioning of multicultural groups. The resulting research has to date (mid-2014) addressed some fifty countries or territories located on the different continents. It has led to numerous publications.
This empirical research has fed theoretical reflection on the notion of national culture: What can we understand by this when it comes to modern societies, which are marked by history and the plurality of values and forms of life? What methods can highlight this? Which disciplinary fields are concerned? What relationships do cultures have with languages ?
In recent years, new research has addressed more comprehensive aspects of the organisation of living together and has focused on the cultural roots of the institutional framework within which social and political life take shape. These analyses specifically concern development issues.


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