Founding research

Our research started with a comparison of the way in which four factories function. They are technically very similar and are owned (or were owned until recently) by the same company, and are located respectively in France, the USA, the Netherlands and Cameroon. The perspective was to better apprehend the influence that culture has on economic development. We were convinced that in order to gain a better understanding of this influence, it waLa logique de l’honneurs necessary, by looking closely at life in workshops, to analyse in the most accurate and detailed manner possible, the way in which work is conducted in them, as well as what results from this in terms of the technical functioning of the production units and productive efficiency. The analysis of the material collected in France, the USA and the Netherlands, and its combination with more general data concerning the cultural context of the countries in question, eventually led to the publication of La logique de l’honneur which to date has been published in French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch. The analysis of data from Cameroon was published separately in “Cultures nationales et gestion. Un problème de ponts roulants dans une usine camerounaise”.


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