Anda Djoehana Wiradikarta

ours researchers Anda Djoehana WiradikartaPrior to teaching, Anda worked in various international and cross-cultural contexts. In particular he held various positions in strategy, business development and international partnerships at Total oil and gas group of France and at Medco Group of Indonesia. Besides teaching and research, Anda trains company executives on how to communicate and work with Indonesians.

So far Anda’s research has been on Indonesia. His interest has been on how Indonesians in various contexts organize and cooperate in the work place and how they relate to their superior and to their organization. Since 2011 his research has been on waste pickers in Indonesia, in cooperation with Codev (“Companies & Development”), a research program at ESSEC Business School of France whose interest is in the contribution of multinational corporations to the development of the areas in which they operate in developing countries.

Anda holds a PhD in management, an MSc in Energy Economics and an MSc in civil engineering.



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