Catou Faust

ours researchers Catou FaustCatou’s research and teaching are nourished by her international life experience in 5 different countries (Japan, Turkey, Spain, Zimbabwe and France). In very diverse professional contexts she could experiment the different prisms of representations and decided to specialize in cross-cultural management in 2009. So far her research is dedicated to managers’ cross-cultural skill set: she wants to show how multinational companies can increase these skills when HR really understand the type of difficulties faced by their managers exposed to cross-cultural differencies.
She has been teaching cross-cultural management and HRM within Universities such as la Sorbonne, Business Schools such as EM Lyon, HEC, ESC Dijon and Engineer Schools such as Les Ponts and ESTP. She also provides expatriation training and offers cross-cultural seminars to international companies.
She holds a Master degree in cross-cultural management from Paris-Dauphine University and a PhD in international management from Paris-Est university. She is the author of several international conferences papers.

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