Geneviève Tréguer-Felten

ours researchers Geneviève FeltenGeneviève Tréguer-Felten is French. As a youngster, she lived in Spain and in Italy. She has worked in France, Japan, the USA and China, either as a teacher of English or French as a Foreign Language, or as a communications officer for various MNCs. Her interests in languages led her to systematically learn the local language and orientated her towards investigating the links between discourse and culture. She has lectured in Wuhan University language and business departments (China) and in Forli and Milan (Italy) translation Universities. She currently delivers a few classes in Dauphine University Master of Intercultural Management and leads ADculture, an informal workshop in which researchers originating from various fields of expertise approach the same corpora and compare their respective findings on discourse and culture.
Geneviève Tréguer-Felten’s current research is mainly concerned with the cultural underpinnings of the language, be it native or lingua franca, that individuals or corporations belonging to different cultures use in the course of their business activities.
G. Tréguer-Felten holds a degree in English as a Second Language and a French Ministry of Education Teacher’s CAPES in English. She later earned a PhD in linguistics from Paris 3 – Sorbonne nouvelle (France). Her research focuses on Chinese, French and North-American organizations’ corporate communications whether produced in native languages or in English as a lingua franca (ELF). For the past ten years, she has published several articles or book sections, and co-directed books or magazines on culture and discourse.

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