Hèla Yousfi

Hèla Yousfi is Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and Organization at the University Paris Dauphine, DRM (UMR CNRS 7088) (France). She received her Master’s in management science from the Institut supérieur de gestion (Tunis) and her PhD from the University of Paris West Nanterre in 2006. She specializes in the field of sociology of organizations. She teaches graduate courses on cross-cultural management, strategic management and organization theory. She has a large experience in consultancy and research on the role of culture in economic development. She has conducted research and published on the topic of culture and management practices transfer in Arab countries. Her other areas of interest include institutional change and economic development, postcolonial studies of management and social movements. She is the author of: UGTT at the heart of the Tunisian revolution, Mohammed Ali Hammi, Tunis (forthcoming , January 2014).


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