Jean-Pierre Segal

ours researchers Jean Pierre SégalJean-Pierre Segal has been active in G&S research group since its very beginning in the early eighties. His first works focused on cross-national comparison of the functioning of industrial firms between France, Canada and USA. He later used these experiences to analyze the cross-cultural aspects of the so-called “modernization” process of French public sector that was at the moment – and still today – largely inspired by the American model of management. This situation was a fruitful opportunity to study the cultural issues linked with this introduction of foreign management’s methods. His work was particularly focused on the local implementation of “Western patterns of management” in emerging countries within local subsidiaries of international companies.

He is presently involved in a cross-national comparison between France and Quebec of the process of professional integration of immigrants who already have a strong professional qualification.

His most recent work’s fields were Vietnam and New Caledonia. He has a large international experience of teaching sociology, cross-national comparison of management patterns and cross-cultural management. Jean-Pierre graduated from HEC Paris in 1974 and earned his PhD in 1982 from Paris Dauphine University. He recently retired from CNRS (National Center for Scientific Researchers). He still remains a supervisor of PhD thesis in Paris Dauphine University. He supervises other thesis within the Executive Doctorate in Business and Administration program of Paris Dauphine University in Shanghai together with Tsinghua Beijing University.


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