Morgan Marchand

morgan marchandMorgan recently obtained a PhD in management (Paris Dauphine University). His research focuses on emerging multinationals strategies and practices following acquisitions in advanced economies. This study reveals how their administrative heritages, precisely the strategic and political imagination of their decision-makers, influence their various strategies in a global geoeconomics context.

His work received the best thesis award at the 6th international conference Atlas-AFMI (2016), and has been published in several journals such as M@n@gement and Thunderbird International Business Review.

Besides, he is a free-lance trainer and consultant, specialized in international management and leadership. He has a wide experience of designing and facilitating trainings for international teams and organizations. He has lived in the Middle-East and China, and delivered trainings and seminars for executives, managers and teams from more than 40 countries (Africa, North-America, Europe, Middle-East, Asia).


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