Sylvie Chevrier

ours researchers Sylvie ChevrierSylvie Chevrier was trained in management and social sciences in France and Canada. Her international experience aroused her interest in cross-cultural issues. She earned a PhD from the University of Québec at Montreal (Canada) in 1995 and her doctoral thesis was among the first dissertations to study the management of European work teams. She later got an accreditation to conduct research (Habilitation à diriger des recherches) on cross-cultural management from University Paris-Dauphine. 

Sylvie Chevrier teaches intercultural  management at University Gustave Eiffel (France) and is Deputy Vice-President for International Relations. 

Sylvie Chevrier has been the deputy director of the Management Research Institute  (IRG) of the University Paris-Est (2013-2019).  

She has carried out research in cross-cultural management and especially on international work teams, whether co-localised or dispersed. Her main research interests focus on the professional integration of migrants in organizations. She has conducted research in many countries (Canada, France, Switzerland, Vietnam, Madagascar, Spain, Belgium, Sweden…). She is the author of several articles, chapters and books on cross-cultural management in French and English. 


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