Philippe d’Iribarne

The starting point for the research of Gestion et Société consisted in the work of Philippe d’Iribarne. The latter concerns the encounter between the modern project to reorganise society, based on values of rationality, the autonomy of the individual and democracy and the diversity of cultures. It addresses a set of questions: in what manner do certain traditional elements that are specific to each culture, and which elements, continue to be present when modernity triumphs? What is the case for the spearhead of the modernisation movement: the functioning of global corporations? What conception of culture can account for the elements of unity and cultural continuity in societies marked by history and where there is a plurality of ways of life and values? In what manner does the diversity of cultures concern development policies, or the advent of democracy?
To address these different themes, Philippe d’Iribarne’s research, has, from its very start in the late 1970s, constantly combined empirical research and the development of a theory. This is what imparts the process its dynamics. As such, it leads to an interdisciplinary approach that draws from a set of fields, from sociology to ethnology, political philosophy and linguistics.


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