L’islam devant la démocratie

Philippe d'Iribarne, L'Islam devant la démocratie

Philippe d’Iribarne, Paris, Gallimard, 2013. The Koran refers relentlessly to a community united by a certainty brought by compelling evidence. Throughout history, this reference to certainty has profoundly affected Muslims’ mental universe. It is at work in Islamic philosophy. It is even found in the most secularized areas of societies,…

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Les Immigrés de la République

Ls Immigrés de la Répubique, Philippe d'Iribarne

Philippe d’Iribarne, Paris, Seuil, 2009. In France, it was the aim of the Revolution to establish a political body composed of equal citizens. But, in everyday relationships, at work or among neighbours, the social body is marked by an acute attention to each citizen’s social characteristics, and in particular their…

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The French education system as the expression of a political culture

Philippe d’Iribarne (with Alain d’Iribarne), Vocational Training, European journal, n°17, May-August 1999 (translated in French, German and Spanish). For those not familiar with it, the French education system may seem rather strange. One of the most puzzling aspects is the unique role that the ‘Grandes écoles’ play within this system. The…

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Trois figures de la liberté

Philippe d’Iribarne, Annales, 58ème année, n° 5, septembre-octobre 2003, p. 953-978 Proclaiming the advent of freedom, European societies have largely emancipated themselves from the old world. But the diversity of visions of what constitutes a free man has not disappeared. The Anglo-Saxon attachment to the figure of the proprietor, the…

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