Research & Activities

Over the last 30 years, our research has explored a great variety of situations –generally more than one in any single country– from an ever extending geographic and cultural spectrum that today covers more than 50 countries or territories in the 5 continents.

All the research projects we perform in various-sized commercial, industrial and service private companies and in public institutions have a common object: analyzing and comparing, from one cultural area to the other, the features that, in a given cultural area, actors’ ways of deciphering and conveying meaning to the situations they encounter have in common, even when their positions and their interests are so different. Taking into account such common features is of great assistance when assessing management situations, especially when they imply actors whose cultural references are dissimilar.

As well as contributing to the theoretical and methodological approach, these research findings nourish a very wide range of activities: management model transfer program success and failure analysis, intercultural comparative management teaching or training sessions as well as more typical researchers’ publication activities in various disciplinary fields (sociology, linguistics, anthropology, management).


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