Training & Teaching

G&S members, either separately or collectively, contribute to disseminating their approach of national culture through university courses or seminars as well as lectures or training sessions in a variety of professional surroundings, in France and abroad.

In France. Cross-cultural courses have for several years been given on a regular basis in various French universities (Paris Est Marne-la-Vallée ; Paris Dauphine, in particular to the students following the MMI (Master in Intercultural Management program), Le Havre University, as well as in several business schools, such as HEC Paris, Sorbonne Graduate Business School, EM Normandy, Audencia Group, etc. However, cross-cultural issues are no longer restricted to business or management student curricula: various courses or training sessions are also provided to Engineering school students, for example at ISAE Sup’aéro, the National School of Aerospace or Ensmp (école des Mines de Paris), or to post-graduates in other subjects, such as those attending the French National Air Force School.

Besides such teaching or training activities, the group holds two regular seminars. The doctoral seminar gathers PhD students from various universities. Their interest in cross-cultural subjects is what brings them together. They are provided with a chance to get acquainted with the others’ research fields, to test their research hypotheses or their qualitative analyses on those attending the workshop along with their research director and other G&S members. The second seminar, ADculture workshop, is of a different nature. Open to anyone interested in the links between language and culture, it gathers French and foreign PhD students, linguists or other academics, and G&S group members. They meet on a regular basis and debate on their respective findings on a common corpus such as UN texts provided in several linguistic versions.

On the international arena. G&S research is presented in a great number of the conferences held worldwide on the impact of national cultures on institutions or business (EGOS, EURAM, ATLAS, GEM&L, CABS, etc.). The various aspects of the links existing between management and national cultures constitute the main theme for the training sessions or the lectures Group members are invited to deliver (in French, English, Spanish or Arabic) as guest speakers in universities or organizations or keynote speakers at international conferences. Their talks contribute in conveying G&S findings to varied audiences all over the world, from the Americas –United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil–, to Asia –China, Japan–, from Oceania –New-Caledonia–, to Europe (France, Great-Britain, Germany, Sweden, etc.), and North-Africa – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia– or the Middle-East –Lebanon.


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